Monday, October 28, 2013

Surf City

Well, I can certainly say I am learning something new everyday!

Here I am, all excited to speak my Spanish in Portugal and Spain. I’m thinking, this will be great, I’ll know what I’m doing, seeing as reading was a little tricky in Russia and Germany. Well, I never got the memo that Portuguese was spoken there! Duh! That did nothing to hamper on our time there though because we had a GREAT time.

A couple of days before we docked in Lisbon, I was eavesdropping on my friend’s conversation, learning that she was going surfing. How cool! She asked if I wanted to join and it seemed it would be a little touristy, but why not? I had no other plans!

Well, learning to surf with Epic Surfing School was one of the best things I have done so far on this voyage! It was such an incredible day. Our 2-hour lesson took up the whole day….and were thrilled about that)!!!
I was able to stand on the board a couple of times. The instructors kept asking if I had done it before because they said I was really good as a beginner. I was ecstatic that at 20 years old, I finally found a sport I am good at!

The beach we went to was beautiful and had clear water. The water was freezing but wet suits are magical and after your feet and hands are numb, you are set for the rest of the day! It turns out, the World Surfing Championships held an event at the same beach two weeks after us!

The next day I had an outing with my art class. We looked at tiles that adorn the city. They are used to insulate buildings but end up being so beautiful themselves! We even designed our own. Not sure anyone is going to be running to thrown mine up front and center on their house.

The cool thing about Morocco is that it has Moorish influence. I can’t remember why this is so LOL What this meant for me is that I had a wonderful falafel, couscous and hummus pita! Also, we were in the same port that Christopher Columbus left from. The weather here was nice and warm and of course I loved that. I would love to visit this port again and wish we had a teeny bit more time than 2 days. However, the memories made, during our surfing lesson especially, are so special that they’ll have to continue to make me smile until next visit!

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