About Semester at Sea

According to the program website, “Semester at Sea is a multiple country study abroad program open to students of all majors emphasizing comparative academic examination, hands-on field experiences, and meaningful engagement in the global community. A wide variety of coursework from 20-25 disciplines is integrated with relevant field studies in up to a dozen countries, allowing for a comparative study abroad experience that is truly global.”

 Some fast facts:
 • I will be sailing on the 50th Anniversary Voyage
 • Sponsored by the University of Virginia
 • Open to students from around the world
 • A program of the Institute for Shipboard Education, non-profit organization
 • The MV Explorer, our ship holds 800 passengers including students, faculty, their families and crew

 For more information, visit: http://www.semesteratsea.org/


  1. So excited to finally connect on your blog, Erin! Looking forward to following you on your adventures. Enjoy them to the fullest!!! ❤

  2. They must be keeping you very busy, as I know your intentions were to blog perhaps a little more frequently???!!! I will be happy to read more about your amazing adventure whenever you post. It was fun to read about London since I had been there so recently, and Alex is there now. I saw your painting - onion domed building - concise, colorful and graphic. Looked good. That journal will be awesome.

  3. They are!! So much so! They give us reading like there's no tomorrow!!! But omg you weren't supposed to see that painting yet! Oh well, thanks for the comments & I'll keep ya posted! :)