Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ahoy Mates!


Well, we have been on the ship for just about three weeks now and learning some sea lingo. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

-floor = deck
-aft = back of the ship
-forward = front of the ship
-left side = port side
-right side = starboard
-everything’s in military time
-it’s a ship, not a boat
-my room is a cabin

I’m sure the list will continue to grow!

We have had a couple of rocky nights the past couple of nights as we sailed through the Baltic Sea but nothing crazy. Thankfully, I have not gotten seasick, the motion just plays with my head a little. Sea Band brand Ginger Gum has been amazing. Literally take a piece and within the minute I feel better.

*Trying* to keep it clean! :)
My home away from home for the next 4 months

My room is pleasantly bigger than I expected. It has just the right amount of storage and I have been keeping my stuff in ship shape. We have a beautiful ocean view (well of course not on the days we are in port) and can see several ships passing us throughout the day. Some of them have been really close! Like, we’ve got the whole ocean, why do we need to get so close?! But oh well, I wave to them nonetheless, usually not getting anything back. 

On my way to Zumba the other night, there were double rainbows in the ocean, so cool! And of course, I did not have my camera. Of all the times!

Scrub a dub
Dry Time

Laundry is fun. On select days at sea, we have the opportunity to get our laundry done (for a fee of course) and it has definitely made me appreciate the free laundry services at HPU. Instead, I just wash my clothes in the sink with some laundry soap which is not bad at all. They just awkwardly get placed around the room for the next couple of days to dry out!

Ah, the food. How could we forget that? I have been pleasantly surprised by ship food. Their vegetarian options outnumber the meat dishes and there is always something to have. No, it’s definitely not filling food but we’re making it work. I have tried things I would have never at home. I had brussel sprouts the other day and have had a few different types of soup (mom, can you believe that). A nice touch is the 2200 snacktime. Every night at 10 PM, sandwiches and desserts are put out to hold us through the night. J

I am definitely a lot busier than I imagined myself being. While class does not actually take up a lot of time, the assignments (and READING, READING, READING) do. But hey, that’s what I’m here for, right?

I’m setting a few goals for myself this semester. What goals do you have for yourself that you’d like to see met? It doesn’t have to be something that is done only at the beginning of a new year. I would like to talk to someone new each day on this voyage and I’m happy to say that so far, I have done so! It’s really cool because I am literally surrounded by people from all over the world and I have the chance to meet some of them.  J

A typical view during breakfast

Getting some reading done on deck!


  1. Erin it looks like you're having a fantastic time!I'm looking forward to hearing more stories about done of the ports and the new countries you get to see!

    - cousin Christine

    1. Thank you!! Saw a shop today that said "Van Done" and it made me think of you :) Some people have the same anchor bracelet as me as well!

  2. Great pictures. I'm enjoying following your journey. Stay healthy. Love ya, Aunt Yvonne

    1. Thanks!!! Saw a ton of squirrel things here yesterday.....such as a jumpsuit with squirrels all over it. It was so cute!

  3. High Point University Campus ConciergeSeptember 14, 2013 at 7:51 AM

    Wow Erin! We are so happy to see you are enjoying yourself. We miss you at HPU!

    1. Miss and love you guys too!!! Think of you all often! =D

  4. This is awesome. I feel like I'm with you lol! Love ya and can't wait to hear about your coming adventures :)